How Do Federal Pension Survivor Benefits Compare to Private Plans?

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When it comes to securing financial stability for your loved ones after you’re gone, understanding the nuances of survivor benefits is crucial. For many individuals, the decision boils down to comparing federal pension survivor benefits with those offered by private plans. Federal pension survivor benefits are provided to the surviving spouses or dependents of deceased […]

Why Should You Put Your Trust in Our Federal Retirement Experts?


When it comes to federal retirement planning, there’s no room for uncertainty. At Select Civil Service Benefits, our team of Federal Retirement Experts are here to provide you with unwavering guidance and advice that will help secure your financial future. We are confident that our experience and expertise in this complex field make us the […]

Considering Early Retirement? Consult with a Federal Retirement Expert First

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Are you toying with the idea of early retirement from your federal job? The prospect of leaving the workforce ahead of schedule can be enticing, offering the promise of more leisure time and freedom. However, before you make any hasty decisions, it’s crucial to consider the implications for your retirement benefits. Expert Federal Retirement Consultants […]